Tuesday, April 20, 2010

True Art Movement

I usually don't open my emails from ConceptArt.org, I'm still feeling a little shy about entering their community. Today I'm glad I did, because I found a thread that's about making this world a better place. Despite the triteness of that comment, please take time to follow this link and follow what is being said and the cause that is being supported and I think that you'll agree on this cause. We need more of this happening around the world.

Someday I hope to do the sort of thing that John Spearow is doing, and to see that this art community that I respect already is supporting this inspires me about what we can do as artists. For now, between steep rents and other bills I'm going to try to send a package destined for Kenya with some supplies and a sketchbook or two with a (badass) sketch in them for these boys.

The Creation of a True Art Movement

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Veteran

Here is the second in my group of four. The Veteran, I wrote this little bit about him:

"You need the line held? This is the man to go to. 'But he's only one man,' y'say!? Pah! Listen, he's seen more battles than the number o` times ye shit yer pants as a wee lad. If somebody can do it all by hi`self it is him. Hordes of Orcs, armies of Zombies? He's fought `em, and what's more, he's survived every one of them. While your daddy was quailing with his knees a`knocking he held the front line time and time again, comrades dyin` round him and blow bearing down upon him. Aye, and he lives to tell the tales, he do. Not that he would, mind you, he just gives you that stare that strikes right through ye, aye, that tells the tale enough. Yea, only War will collect the soul o` such a soldier, mark it!"
-Retired soldier of unknown regiment-

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Orc and The Warmage

So I've got a pic of an oil painting in progress. This is my first semester with oil paints and it is trying and has yielded little reward in terms of achievement... but I'll get a handle on it. If you didn't guess, it's of a Rehgar Earthfury action figure from the WoW comics or something.

This second image is The Warmage from the group of four I had mentioned earlier. I will be posting the other three throughout the next few days/weeks. They are a little unfinished (or very depending on how you see it because these are just costume studies so that while I'm doing the actual final, I won't be caught up trying to figure things like those out.

Also, check out my website, there is some new art there that will probably leak onto my blog soon enough. More importantly I had a long photoshoot of my work today and I have replaced most of my old shitty grey/yellow images with new white... and some purplish... ones.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Figure Drawing

I did figure drawing today. Fortunately, my mechanical pencil broke so I figured I'd try a new approach towards thinking about value on the figure. I like it. I think I'm going to do more figure drawings this way.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I don't draw enough werewolves anymore and they're one of my favorite things to draw. Here's an old one but one I still kinda like.

I may have abandoned my previous post's painting, but I've gotten what I wanted from it which an idea of what my elf character is supposed to look like. She will be returning to be finished by the end of the semester however.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rawr! Elf lady scary!

I'm certain that I meant to post something earlier than this... however, that didn't so much as happen as not happen.

Anyhow! Here's a little work in progress whose progress I'm working on... She's one of a team of four fantasy commandos, who are referred to rather archetypically as The Veteran, The Juggernaut, The Scout and The Warmage. Obviously, she's one hell of a The Juggernaut.

This character, while not being part of the world I'm creating (explicitly) would fit in well with the elves of that world. For one, she has horns like those elves, yet more importantly she embodies something other than the idea of elves as our merry little tree friends. Still, my idea of what an elf looks like I'm sure varies immensely from the squat misshapen goblins (elf itself was interchangeable with dwarf and gnome) imagined by our proto-Germanic ancestors, but that is Tolkien's legacy on modern fantasy.

Anyhow, enjoy my Elvish Savage. Deadly. Inhuman. Beautiful.