Monday, August 6, 2012

We are Warriors!

As you can see, warriors come in many shapes and sizes. There is something about warriors that inspires me, though I'm not certain what exactly that is. They appear more often than any other one thing in my drawings, and in Dungeons & Dragons I am constantly rolling up characters who live for the thrill of combat. They are so unlike me, as someone who believes that peace is the best answer. Yet something about them draws me. Perhaps it is the warriors uncompromising resolve in the face of adversity, the willingness to risk their lives for a cause or ideal. Maybe it's just the way that a warrior stands up where others can't or won't to do what needs to be done. Traits worthy of aspiring to. Whatever it is, here is a sketchdump of some warriors. I hope you enjoy them!

I love drawing the characters I play in Dungeons and Dragons. It makes them that much more real to me. This is Torbrandr Agnisson, my most recent character.

 This... is a bear.

Some warriors are even wee...