Monday, September 24, 2012

Fantasy Portraits

I'm starting a long series of fantasy portraits in 5x5" squares focusing on individuality, composition and costuming. They'll be broken up with other projects, but expect to see a lot of these on my blog in the near future.

Here are the first four. Enjoy!

A warrior on a long cold watch.

Drinking. Laughing. Singing.

Priestess of the One God.

The long ride to battle.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Class is in Session

So I discovered this awesome figure drawing website early last month that sets up little classes for you. What you do is select a class period from thirty minutes to six hours long and then you hit 'Get Drawing!' From there it sets up a figure class structure, cycling through stock photo albums from all over the web and giving you several gesture drawings to do before moving into longer and longer poses. Then at the end, like a real figure drawing class you get a long pose to paint. Then bam, you've completed a figure drawing class!

These are a couple of the longer poses from the first half of last month. Enjoy!