Friday, October 8, 2010


Here are some of the thumbs for my most recent Illustration Majors class. The project? To draw a Sci-Fi novel cover. I did a little mental "Yippee!" when that was assigned... probably did it out loud too.

I spent way more time on these and the seven other thumbnails I did for this project and the closer this project is to completion, the more I see that time paying dividends towards the final results quality. These three are in order from my least favorite to favorite. Quite naturally it's also in order of my classes favorite to least favorite. Oh well, so I merrily went on and made this drawing...

...which is to say I made a bunch of other drawings but this is the one best reflects what the final was going to end up looking like. Including this drawing where I tried to design the aliens, this came before I decided one of the characters was going to be a child.

Then with much drawing, then redrawing, then some more redrawing (though the aliens remained much the same, I redrew the soldier like 20 times) I started work on the final linework which looks something like this.

With all that repetition I think I finally got a hang of how to draw this scene though. Hopefully you'll agree. What does tomorrow hold? Other than a long day of work as a cashier possibly some inking!!

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